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The train of life

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СообщениеДобавлено: Сб Ноя 19, 2011 7:32 am    Заголовок сообщения: The train of life Ответить с цитатой


long ago, I read a book.
book to compare life to a journey.

life, I,,
is like a ride travel,
to go through many times on the train, get off;
often have accidents;
is sometimes a pleasant surprise;
Sometimes it is unforgettable sadness ... ...

born dead,
we got in the train of life.
we thought we saw that the first two people - our parents.
journey in life will always be with us.

Unfortunately, it is not.
they will get off at one station,
leave us alone and helpless.
their love, their love,
they can not replace the companionship,
no longer impossible to find.

However, there will be other people on the bus.
some of them will we have a special significance.
among them are our brothers and sisters,
have our friends and family. We also will experience
immortal love story.

among those who ride the same bus,
some easy travel,
but some with deep sorrow ... ...
there is buzz in the train,
ready to help people in need ... ...

a lot of people get off,
other passengers on their memories of the good old ... ...
However, there are some people,
when they left his seat, but no one noticed.

let know how much of your companions for it to sit another carriage.
You can only stay away from him and continue your journey.
you can also distant and nodding through his own car to another car to find him ... ...
Unfortunately, you can no longer sit by his side.
because this position is for others to share the ... ...

does not matter,
journey full of challenges, dreams, hopes, farewell ... ...
just can not turn back.
try to make it a pleasant journey!

treat all passengers encountered on the journey,
to find people who could shine.
always remember,
in a leg of the trip,
someone hesitations,
because we will own hesitations.
we have to understand them,
because we also need others to understand.

mysteries of life is:
we get off?
sitting next to partner get off?
We do not know ... ...

I often think:
to when I get off, I will yearn it?
I think I will.
separation with my friends, I will pain.
let my kids alone before the trip, I will be sad.
I'm holding hope that we all have to get in our
that terminal,
we will meet ... ...

my children on the bus there is no baggage,
If I can leave luggage in their memories,
I feel happy.
I got off,
and my fellow travelers are still remember me,
miss me, I will feel comfort.

by the literature to you, my life's companion on the train.
wish you: a pleasant journey!

collected over the network from the shallow

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